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Our sustainability criteria

It should be a standard today and it already is in many areas of our lives - especially with yoga products. We think it's great that almost all providers of yoga products that we know try to offer sustainable yoga products as much as possible. We do this too. Below we would like to list our standards to give you an idea of ​​the conditions and criteria under which the DIVASYA yoga products are produced.


To ensure that our manufacturer produces our products under fair and social working conditions, it is tested and certified annually by an independent company based in Brussels. We request the detailed report annually and evaluate it in detail. The thirteen categories tested include, among other things, elementary standards such as the ban on child labor, but also aspects of occupational safety or health promotion.


The most important sustainability criterion for us in product development is longevity or durability, as this automatically includes other values. For us, the decisive factor is always the durability or longevity of a material and not the possibly lower purchase price. A long-lasting product is always resource-saving and CO2-saving at the same time, as it resists rapid, short-term consumption - for us the basis of all efforts towards sustainability.

Fair & Social

  • Tested safe & social working conditions
  • Annual certification of a European Audit company

Durable & long lasting

  • Durable materials of the highest quality
  • Produced for a long life


All of the materials we use are preferably of natural origin (e.g. natural rubber, certified organic cotton, cork) or are at least completely biodegradable. Depending on the product category, certified, recycled materials are used (e.g. PET bottles for our yoga towel series or the “soft feeling” mat series).


The raw materials natural rubber and cork are renewable raw materials that conserve resources. We also only use uncoated kraft cardboard and an upcycling shipping bag for our product packaging.

Of course, we ship CO2-neutrally and make sure not to create any unnecessary transport routes.

Recycled and recyclable

  • Recycled microfiber from PET bottles
  • Packaging made from pure kraft cardboard


  • Renewable raw materials
  • Natural materials such as cork, natural rubber & organic cotton

Natural cork from Portugal

Renewable, purely natural raw material

Natural rubber from Vietnam

Renewable, purely natural raw material

Recycled microfiber

Recycled from PET bottles and clothing

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