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Product Guide

Which yoga mat is right for me?

Here you will find some criteria to make it easier to find the right mat for you.

1 .) Bottom material: cheap TPE or high-quality natural rubber?

  • Most mats, especially the more inexpensive models, are made of TPE, which is cheap to produce and relatively lightweight. However, TPE often curls up at the ends. That's why we only use 100% natural rubber from the "rubber tree" for our DIVASYA mats . Rubber is absolutely non-slip, high quality, always lies flat and has extremely stable traction.

2.) What material thickness?

  • The thicker the more cushioning, flexible and gentle the mat is on your joints. A difference between, for example, 2-3mm and 4-5mm is clearly noticeable! That's why all DIVASYA models have a thickness of 4 -5 mm.

3.)  Which mat size?

  • The wider, the more space for space-taking asanas and the lying body in Savasana. All DIVASYA mats are therefore extra-wide at 68cm.

4.) Which design suits me?

  • The yoga mat is the heart of your practice! That's why we at DIVASYA invest a lot of passion and time in the creation of the individual designs.

Top material: soft to the touch or smooth to the touch?

soft feeling

Soft slip resistance

  • microfiber surface (DIVASYA series “soft-feeling”) is soft to the touch, but becomes more grippy the more you sweat or beforehand Lightly moisten your hands.
  • Ideal especially for hot yoga, dynamic yoga or for sweaty hands. But the soft-feeling series is also perfect for more calm, meditative yoga styles (Yin Yoga or Kundalini).

professional grip

Maximum slip resistance

  • Especially advanced yogis or those with more dynamic yoga styles (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, etc.) swear by a mat with a PU coating (DIVASYA series). “professional grip”).
  • Eco-PU (= artificial leather) is extremely non-slip, smooth and pleasant on the skin and extremely grippy, so that you never lose your grip even during demanding asanas with dry hands.

natural touch

Most natural slip resistance

  • For all yogis who are looking for materials that are as natural as possible, there are also mats with a surface made of cork and natural rubber (DIVASYA series “natural touch"), which promise a visually natural and skin-friendly feel.
  • Our cork comes from Portugal. The design is engraved with laser: no color & a long service life