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DIVASYA mala necklaces are beautiful personal companions to give you access to meditation. They guide you
back to yourself when your thoughts wander. Each
bead is a gentle reminder of your path, your goal,
your affirmation.

Your mala necklace is a wonderful way to calm and
direct your
energies, your flow of thoughts - bead by bead.

108 reps

  • In Japa Mala meditation, a mantra or a so-called “affirmation” is repeated 108 times, while the beads of the mala are used as a counting aid.
  • The Sanskrit word “Japa” means repetition; “Mala” means chain. Your mala is used to count the repetitions when reciting a mantra, prayer or affirmation.
  • In Buddhism, the 108 beads represent the 108 volumes of Buddha's collected teachings, and in Hinduism, the 108 deities of the Hindus.
  • Some also say that one stands for God or the universe, zero for emptiness and eight for infinity.

Meditate with your mala necklace

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with your back upright. This can be on your yoga mat or on a meditation cushion.
  • If you like, prepare a supportive environment for your meditation, e.g. with candles or incense sticks.
  • For meditation, the mala is taken between the thumb and middle finger (Note: the index finger stands for the ego.).
  • The starting point is always the guru bead , so start with the first bead next to her. Repeat the mantra loudly or silently in your head as you touch a bead, pushing it back with your thumb.
  • The guru bead is your starting and ending point. In our mala necklaces, this is slightly larger than the other beads or made of a different material than the 108 remaining beads so that you can easily feel them with your fingers when meditating.

The right affirmation

Before you start meditating, think about a mantra or affirmation that you would like to make the topic of your meditation.

  • Do you have a specific goal that you would like to achieve?
  • A wish that you want to come true?
  • An affirmation that you would like to internalize?

Change thought patterns

Affirmations are sentences formulated in the “I” form that describe a desired quality and, through constant repetition in the subconscious, have the power to change thought patterns. Such sentences can be, for example:

  • “The way I am, I am enough.”
  • “I am open to abundance and joy in my life.”
  • “I open my heart. I give and receive love.”

Your path - your energy

  • You may also want to simply concentrate on your breathing during your Japa Mala meditation.
  • To do this, breathe in when you touch a pearl and breathe out when you touch the next pearl.
  • Through your meditation you transfer the energy of the affirmation to your mala chain. If you wear it around your neck as jewelry, it will give the energy of the mantra back to you.

DIVASYA Mala-Ketten:

Yoga jewelry & meditation aid made of gemstones

Our mala necklaces are created, knotted and completely handmade for you with great care and love in the studio in Berlin.

A mala is a prayer necklace that is traditional in both Buddhism and Hinduism applies. Today, the mala is used across religions by many meditating yogis and yoginis worldwide as a meditation necklace and as a piece of jewelry.

According to the Buddhist or Hindu tradition, our malas consist of 108 beads (=sacred number) and an additional so-called " Guru Bead”, also called “Bindu”. This makes them suitable companions during Japa meditation, which has been supported in many religions for centuries with the help of a pearl necklace.

For some, Mala necklaces are “sacred necklaces” for this reason, for others our Mala necklaces are simply a beautiful piece of jewelry or a very personal gift to someone who likes yoga and meditation. You can wear the mala as a necklace or wrap it several times around your wrist. The Mala necklace worn in this way reminds us in everyday life of the hidden things that we carry under our hearts. For some, their mala necklace is also a kind of good luck charm that they always carry with them. Many people get to know meditation with mala chains as an effective ritual through their yoga practice. Still others report how regularly reaching for the crystal beads calms them down in stressful situations and enables them to maintain composure and focus. Regardless of what your mala necklace means to you, the choice is already important The right mala necklace is a confrontation with yourself, a little journey into your inner self. Because each of our mala necklaces is completely individual due to the selection and arrangement of different
crystals, colors and effects.

Despite all the differences, our DIVASYA mala necklaces have one thing in common: the “Guru” bead is made of Indian sandalwood, which exudes a pleasant, warm, woody scent.

So let your intuition guide you when choosing your personal mala necklace. To do this, read the mantras of the different chains and be careful which of the mantras touches your soul.

Your mala - your meditation

Be here. Right now.